750W Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Avenger Lighting System

750W Adjust-A-Wings Hellion Avenger Lighting System


Are you wanting to run a 750w lamp to push your plants to the max, but are limited with options? Well look no further than the amazing Adjust-A-Wings Hellion 400v lighting system that can be used in a similar space to a 600w HPS, but will easily outperform one all day long.

The Plug & Play 750w Hellion light kit consists of everything you need, which includes:

  • Adjust-A-Wings Defender medium sized reflector
  • 750w Hellion 400v dimmable ballast
  • 750w DE (Double Ended) horticulture grow lamp
  • Hellion DE grow lamp adaptor
  • Super-Spreader & Connector Rail

Adjust-A-Wings Defender Reflector:
Tried and tested, the Adjust-A-Wings Defender has a proven track record. Highly reflective due to the H18 aluminium white powder coating, it will cover a 1.5m x 1m area with ease. The wings can also be adjusted into 3 different positions, depending on what the plants require, to give a perfectly even light spread. If used with the removable Super-Spreader, it eliminates hot spots and allows the light to be placed closer to the top of the plants canopy, pushing them to their optimum and improving yields.

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Hellion 750w 400v Dimmable Ballast:
The sleek Hellion ballast runs at a native 750w, but if temperatures are getting too high, or head room becomes an issue as the plants grow, it can be dimmed to 600w and 450w, giving you flexibility. It also runs at 400v meaning a high frequency, so there’s less flicker from the lamp and an improved PAR output compared to standard 230v lamps and ballasts.

The ballast can also be used in 2 ways:

  • Combination: Mounted securely to the back of the reflector using the supplied bracket
  • Remote: If space or head room is an issue, it can be placed outside the grow space, or mounted to a wall

Hellion 750w DE (Double Ended) Grow Lamp:
Using a DE (Double Ended) fixture (SPP0710), these grow lamps emit light a lot more evenly, and have reduced hotspots compared to conventional E40 SE (Single Ended) lamps. This means greater efficiency and higher PAR output allowing plants to thrive.

To use the Hellion 750w DE grow lamp, simply fit the supplied DE adapter then secure the lamp into the brackets. Being supported at both ends keeps the lamp horizontal at all times, helping to maximise an even light output. Running at a colour temperature of 2000K with an 88,000 lumen output at 600w and a 111,000 lumen output at 750w, it can be used during vegetative growth and flowering.

The lamp can also be placed into 5 height positions, which is adjusted using the thumb screws, allowing it to be place into the perfect position to get the most out of your plants.

If you want complete control and flexibility over your grow lights, then take a serious look at the Adjust-A-Wings Hellion. Not only can you adjust the reflector to give the perfect light foot print, the power output from the ballast and lamp height can be adjusted to suit, pushing the plants yield (with everything else being equal) to above and beyond usual or expected results.


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