For bigger, juicier fruits and giant flowers, try CANNABOOST Accelerator.

It works alongside your base nutrient to boost your plants’ metabolism and speed up photosynthesis. Your plants form fruit & flowers faster - they actually act as if they’re exposed to extra light.

Fruits taste sweeter (more sugar) and fruit & flowers smell nicer (more essential oils), thanks to an increase in nutrient uptake & sugar production.

They also bloom & ripen evenly, so your harvest is more uniform – CANNABOOST contains a flowering regulator that sees to that. All of that energy regulation helps plants ward off diseases, too...during flowering (when plants are most vulnerable) it's key!

You can use it with any growing system or media. Use it with a bloom stimulator –(CANNA PK 13/14 or SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18) - and it’ll make even more of an impact!

• Flowering booster
• Boosts plant metabolism & increases rate of photosynthesis
• Huge yield increases
• Uniform harvest (more even ripening)