The Genesis Formula is the professional's choice by far. Genesis products are imported direct from the U.S.A. They are a three part nutrient system that can be used throughout the entire life-cycle of your plants from growth through to flowering. The Genesis range of nutrients work in unison with one another to create a perfectly balanced feed that provides your plants with exactly what they need when they need it.  The Genesis Formula will quickly become your feed of choice as it has for so many other already. Genesis is a universal feed and can be used in all areas with both hard and soft water. Each bottle contains a super-concentrate mush that needs to be diluted before use.

The Genesis Formula CoCo fertiliser is specifically formulated to optimise plant response when growing in coco coir. Coconut coir is an excellent choice of grow media as it has a high cation exchange rate, this means that an improved mineral balanced is maintained and readily available for uptake, assuming the right ratios are provided.

CoCo part A provides abundant NPK along with a balanced composition of trace and micro nutrients while CoCo B provides a specific ratio of essential elements to accelerate plant growth and health.

Part A NPK: 3.10.19

Part B NPK: 14.0.12

What is MUSH?

Genesis nutrients are ‘original Mush’. This simply refers to the fact that they come as a  saturated paste concentrate. You add hot water and shake it up. This saves you money by you providing the water. The percentages shown on the bottle represent the values of the paste.