Gavita Pro Classic 1000w

Gavita Pro Classic 1000w


The Gavita Pro 400 Volt / 1000 Watt HPS Complete Lighting Kit is part of the next generation of HPS lighting. The kit contains everything you need for professional level HPS garden lighting, all run from your normal domestic mains supply. The Gavita Pro HPS system is brighter, cooler, more efficient and has a better colour spectrum than standard HPS systems making it a truly big step forward in domestic horticultural lighting. The Gavita Pro 1000 Watt HPS has 6 power settings allowing it to be dimmed or boosted to suit your grow-environment and the stage that your plants are at.

  • Professional level horticultural lighting converted for domestic use
  • Produces more light than standard 1000 Watt lighting systems
  • Power switch with 6 settings: 600W, 660W, 750W, 825W, 1000W, 1150W
  • Runs cooler than standard 1000 Watt lighting systems
  • Better colour spectrum than a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Uses the same amount of power as a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Gives at least 10% higher yields compared to a standard 1000 Watt lighting system
  • Runs off a normal 230 Volt domestic mains supply
  • Includes lamp and combined ballast & reflector

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