Nanolux DE (Double Ended) 1000 watt Fixture - 240V Complete System

Nanolux DE (Double Ended) 1000 watt Fixture - 240V Complete System


The Nanolux 1000w DE Fixture has the highest luminous flux output currently on the market at 160,300lm and an output of 1215 watts. With more unique features and safety protection than our competitors combined with its leading output specifications, the Nanolux DE Fixture is in a class of its own. Ballast and Fixture weight: 11.7lbs Ballast and Fixture Dimension: 26.2" x 12" x 6.1" Bulb: DE Bulb and common HPS/MH bulb Our exclusive designed ceramic lamp receptacles Plug and Play installation Best in class light uniformity reflector 6 phase dimming {600-1215 watts) Includes Nanolux DE bulb Exclusive Ceramic receptacles (no melting plastic) Compatible with other industry DE Bulbs Designed for 5' x 5' growing grid Slow Start, open circuit and low voltage protection 3 Year Warranty Input Voltage 220/240Vac Output 600-1215watts (6 settings) Input Frequency 50/60HZ THD <10%, PF > .99, CF <1.7Ta = 30 C (86 F), Tc = 65 C (149F)

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