PS1 Propagation Light

PS1 Propagation Light


Screw to lock the light strip onto the spines mount up to 4 light strips.

Click & Lock spines, 30 secs assemblingThe PS1 T5HO lighting kit provides you the flexibility to build your own T5 grow light system that meets your needs.

The CLICK & LOCK SPINE allows you to configure up to 4 x 24W lighting system in different light colour combinations of your own choice. You can even build them in combinations of LED PS1. or Long click & lock spine; which allows you to configure up to 8 light strips. 

Box includes:
1. T5HO 24w electronic ballast with built-in reflectors x 2
2. T5HO 24w fluorescent tube x 2
3. Nano reflective film x 2
4. 1 set of short click & lock spine
5. 3 pins 2m long cable
6. 3 pins 30cm long connection cable x 2
7. Accessories

PROPAGATION LID MOUNTING - Use tube clips and suker stands. The alternative is using nylon bolts & nuts to attach the lights on the lid of the propagation system.
ADJUSTABLE LIGHTING - This allows you to suspend your light system above your plants and be able to adjust the lighting system as the plants grow.
SURFACE MOUNTING - Surface mounting clips are provided that allow you to mount the lights on any flat surface. A perfect choice for confined areas. 
SUPPLEMENTAL LIGHTS - Large flowering plants will benefit from vertically hung lighting placed between the plants, particularly at lower level.