Silver Bullet Roots

Silver Bullet Roots


Want white, healthy roots & a disease-free system? Nothing beats Silver Bullet! 

It’s all about the silver…

  • Silver ions: break down protective (catylase) barriers & keeps the H2O2 stable
  • Hydrogen peroxide: physically destroys bacteria
  • Effective: 100,000 x more effective than hydrogen peroxide

Kills 99% Of Root Bacteria, Fungus, Mould & Biofilm

Use it to prevent pythium! Even botrytis, powdery mildew, pythium & fusarium are no match.

Whiter, Healthier Roots

Keep your rootzone free of diseases - you also get lots of oxygen around roots as a byproduct to support root health.

Support Growth

All the oxygen around roots increases nutrient uptake & overall growth.


It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive, chlorine-free & pH neutral… completely safe. It's used to clean drinking water in some countries. Good luck trying to overdose - it's nigh on impossible!  


One bottle goes a long way - this stuff stays stable and active in tanks for up to 5 weeks! Other brands can't compete

Globally Approved

By NASA, HSE, FDA, NATO & more