VitaLink Turbo is a plant boosting additive containing L-amino acids and naturally extracted brassinosteriods designed to significantly increase plant size and flower formations. Plants treated with Vitalink Turbo visually look bigger and flowers are larger in size, try a side by side test, you won't be disappointed.

VitaLink Turbo is a highly concentrated flowering stimulant that contains L-amino acids and brassinosteroids for use alongside your base nutrients and additives. L-amino acids are left handed amino acids that are the building blocks for plant protein. Brassinosteroids are signalling compounds which instruct the plant on where to focus it’s energy so it can maximise its potential.

Vitalink Turbo Usage:

Begin using Vitalink Turbo half way through growth phase and from start of flowering until 2 weeks before harvest. Add Vitalink Turbo to your nutrient solution at a ratio of 1ml per litre. Suitable for use with all growing techniques and mediums.

  • Super concentrated 1ml per litre
  • Increases plant and flower size
  • Stronger, healthier plants
  • Higher tolerance to pests and disease
  • Quicker recovery from stress
  • Bigger yields