BioGreen X-Blast is a fertilizer specifically developed to be used in late flowering stage of plants. X-Blast Bud Blaster can be used in all growing mediums, and contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium an iron, to increase size and densisty of the harvest. X Blast BioGreen should be added to our nutrient schedule along late flowering weeks, increasing taste and flavour of dried flowers.

X Blast from BioGreen is a nutrient thought to improve sugar content, resistance and energy management of plants. X-Blast improves plant's yield when used along last weeks of flowering stage, increasing densisty of flowers, thanks to its high content of phosphorus and potassium, besides other raw elements.

One of the main characteristics of X-Blast booster is that contains Boron and Iron (taking part in energy transport, as besides sugar formation). It also contains Copper (essential to improve root metabolism, and boost vegetable mass production).

X-Blast should be added to your nutrient solution from the 5th-6th week of flowering time, until flushing, together with your chosen base nutrients (Do not mix it with additives like PK 13-14 o Flower Boost).